Care and maintenance of the Turkish Angora

Care and maintenance of the Turkish Angora

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The Turkish Angora is easy to care for - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

Anyone who buys a Turkish Angora can look forward to an intelligent and good-natured being. But what about care and care with the cat?

The Turkish Angora is an elegant breed that has its own head - and likes to request the cuddles that it wants. She also loves to play. In other words, this cat needs attention. As far as care and keeping are concerned, these animals are very easy to care for.

What should be considered when keeping the Turkish Angora?

As already mentioned, a Turkish angora needs a lot of attention. For this reason, this cat should not be kept alone. At least one other cat in the household is recommended if you choose this breed.

Such a cat likes to stroll through the apartment to satisfy its curiosity, but don't worry: this breed does not tend to turn your facility upside down. In addition, she is a very quiet contemporary, so you will hardly hear her.

Care of the Turkish Angora

As for grooming, this breed is very easy to handle. Since it has no undercoat that can lead to matting in other breeds, it only has to be combed and brushed every now and then.

The Turkish Angora is easy to care for - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig


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