Cute Maltese puppies play ping pong

Cute Maltese puppies play ping pong

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"We love to play ball !!!" If these pretty little Maltese are chasing a ping pong ball, you could watch them for hours. They seem to enjoy the game so much that they are completely out of control. Sometimes the best toy is the simplest ...

The clever, docile Maltese does not have a hunting instinct, but he loves to play. The fact that his hunt for the ball therefore looks particularly clumsy and a little awkward is not only due to his short legs.

If you want to buy a dog and feel like throwing a ball at a Maltese, you can bring a perfect family dog ​​into the house with a dog of this breed. He loves children, is calm, balanced and a loyal friend in all situations.

Small, sweet Maltese: family dog ​​with character


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