Angry dog ​​- How to get around this problem?

Angry dog ​​- How to get around this problem?

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When having a dog, the chosen breed does not always guarantee what his temperament will be, be it loving, affectionate, on guard, hunting or suitable for those with children. And being treated with all care and affection does not prevent him from becoming an angry dog, because in addition to genetics, emotional factors and his way of life can change many things.

The fact that the owners find it funny that the dog barks at all people or growls in unnecessary situations is wrong and shows the propensity for it to be aggressive and become one. Agressive doghowever, if you have no restrictions and are alerted about it, you will think it is correct and everything tends to get worse. Therefore, scolding him on occasion is an important alternative to avoid inconvenience or problems ahead.

The feeling of ownership of an angry dog

Thinking that everything is yours is a habit that a angry dog usually have. From possessiveness with its owners, where no one (even being a member of the family) or another animal can get close, even the bed, toys and pots of food can make you angry. And, without giving any signs, he attacks anyone who thinks he needs it instinctively, however, because he knows he has an opening for it.

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So, being permissive is more of a mistake if you have a dog. If he growls, can be angry or has heavier looks, it is time to call attention and punish him, but in a mild way (the aggressiveness will make him retaliate even more), otherwise he will find himself dominant and, in fact , its impositions will be predominant in the face of the moment.

To find out when he can attack, look at the Agressive dog attitudes such as the tail raised, the snout furrowed, eyes analyzing its target and already cut, as the saying goes, the evil by the roots from there.

Is it worth training my angry dog?

The help of a specialist is always very valid, since even though he is not meek, the love for the furry exists and we always want his good. With training he will learn to be polite, obedient, will recognize the commands so that his socialization becomes easier, in addition to being shaped according to the desire of his owners.

THE Agressive dog you need to have your dog psychology worked, which is done through learning, repetitions and rewards. And in this "school" he will also have to exercise not only physically to vent his energies, but emotionally to deal with other pussies, which will make him much more pleasant and easy to adapt in his home.

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