Dedicated to helping cats - Meanwhile

Dedicated to helping cats - Meanwhile

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A poem by Marta "Majorca" Chociłowska-Juszczyk.

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The word "temporary" is not in the dictionary,
The lack of it, however, impoverishes,
because that word exists in the language
cat rescuer - cat lover.

In an ordinary, destination house,
the status quo is maintained,
and "in the meantime" is home. temporary,
where a pained cat can hide.

Where they will cure him, feed him, tame him,
where the most difficult time can go,
where they will make them a little less afraid
cowards and a bit braver.

"Meanwhile" is a port, a marina, an asylum,
where wounds are healed and evil is mended,
where you should only be for a moment
and where are you waiting for your own home.

But when the cat leaves "in the meantime",
to part, after all there is some regret ...
and how hard it is to say -
Be well, baby, meanwhile, bye!

A poem by Marta "Majorca" Chociłowska-Juszczyk.

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