Pain relief for cats

Pain relief for cats

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Pain relief for cats with inflammatory skin conditions

Many cats are affected by one or more skin conditions, which can be painful. Common symptoms are inflammation, itchy skin, a loss of hair and a general malaise.

Pain relief is often not only an important part of the treatment but also an integral part of the lifestyle of your cat. To ensure that they get the best quality of life, we provide comprehensive pain relief for cats. We offer a range of different methods including topical painkillers, laser treatments and acupuncture.

At Feline Consultant Pain Control we pride ourselves on providing you with a thorough assessment of your pet’s skin condition and we are then able to provide the right type of treatment to improve their quality of life. In doing so we are also committed to providing you with the most appropriate and best value treatments at a price that will fit your budget.

Our aim is to treat your cat and you in a friendly, caring, and professional way and to provide the best pain relief for cats available.

We treat cats with:

Topical painkillers


Laser therapy

Vetropuncture (needle injections)


If you are concerned about any skin problems in your cat, we recommend that you contact your vet first. For all cases of pain relief for cats, please contact us directly on 0203 567 2434 or email us here.

Feline Consultant Pain Control can help

If you are suffering from chronic pain and your cat is one of your main concerns, you can call our friendly and professional team on 0203 567 2434 to discuss your options and to find out if we can help.

Chronic pain is often very hard to treat and can have long term negative effects on your pet’s life. This is why we are so dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best pain relief for their cats that we can provide.

Contact us today to find out more about our pain relief methods, how we can help you and if we are able to offer you any advice for your pet’s pain relief.

At Feline Consultant Pain Control we are able to provide you with a range of methods of pain relief for cats:

Topical painkillers

Laser therapy


Vetropuncture (needle injections)


All of our methods are fully approved and we ensure that we are using the most effective products available for cats. We only recommend the products that we would use on our own pets.

Most of our treatments are available on a private patient basis and can be booked in for your cat’s skin condition.

We can also offer you a free consultation, free pain relief for cats assessment and free treatment to give you an idea of what we can do for your cat.

Our aim is to treat you and your cat in a friendly, caring, and professional way and to provide the best pain relief for cats available.

Our pain relief methods can help your cat:

Reduce any pain and suffering

Improve your cat’s health

Reduce stress levels

We have been running our pain relief methods for many years now and we pride ourselves on the care and professionalism we offer to you.

We take great care in ensuring that your cat’s comfort is our priority at all times.

Topical painkillers for cats

Topical painkillers can help to ease pain in your cat and can have long lasting effects.

The main type of topical painkillers for cats that we use are creams. They can be used on the area that your cat is experiencing pain and can provide relief over a long period of time.

We use a range of painkillers for cats including:

Vetmedin (Keromin)

Keromin Forte

Keromin Plus

Keromin Plus Spray

Sofadil Cream

Sofadil Spray

These painkillers are only suitable for cats, they have a suitable formulation that is made to be absorbed into your pet’s skin and this makes them effective for all the different types of skin conditions that your cat may have.

Some of the most common skin conditions we treat in cats with topical painkillers include:

Corneal ulcers

Dry skin

Infected skin

Skin allergies

Skin problems due to foreign bodies

Surgical wounds

Skin wounds


Allergic reactions

Dry skin

Itchy skin

Skin allergies

Skin problems due to foreign bodies

Skin wounds


Skin wounds


Vetropuncture (also called needle injections) are used to relieve pain in your cat and can be performed by a vet. We only offer this treatment to cats. This method of pain relief is safe, fast, and has proven to be effective in the treatment of skin conditions. It involves a number of different techniques such as:


Lumbar puncture

Needle injections

Needle extraction

Needle thoracocentesis

Needle thoracostomy

This treatment is recommended if your cat is experiencing severe or prolonged pain from a specific area and if other treatments have not provided adequate pain relief.

We can perform this type of treatment on a private basis and are able to provide your cat with the best treatment for his/her pain at the best price.

Vetropuncture is only a recommended method for cats with:

Skeletal problems

Deep lacerations

Traumatic injuries

Bone fractures

Fractured limbs

Severe head or neck injuries

Severe abdominal injuries

We can also perform this treatment if your cat is suffering from pain related to:

Joint pain

Urinary infections


Skin allergies

Itchy skin

Allergic reactions

Dry skin

Burns and sc

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