Can cats eat lime

Can cats eat lime

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Can cats eat lime?


It is possible for your cat to eat lime, and it is also possible that your cat has eaten lime before. In fact, if your cat is eating the peel of a lime, it will not taste like a lime.

The cat will get a very sour aftertaste and then some of the lime may leave a pinkish tinge to the fur. Some cats, such as Persians and Mne Coons, will lick their lips, lick their fur and lick the floor for a bit of lime taste.


Cats may or may not be able to eat the rind of a lime, and if they can, they usually do it to avoid other more palatable items of food.

As a general rule, I don't think they will eat rinds or peels if you offer them a more palatable option.


It's possible that your cat might eat the rind. I would say that you'd need to look for some other source of lime. If I were going to guess, the best answer is probably the lime juice in a juice cocktl.

If your cat likes citrus, it could just be that she's just not getting it, though. I've been around cats who aren't too fond of citrus. They don't hate the taste, they just don't eat it as often. This could be as simple as your cat is not getting the juice out of the fruit. My guess is that if you were to make a juice cocktl for your cat, she'd have a good time trying it.

I personally find that kiwi has a nice taste that would be good for cats. If you could find kiwi in a fruit and your cat is willing to try it, then you could give it a shot. I think that's probably the most likely place for your cat to find lime.

Hope this helps!

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