Simon's Cat and the tiny mini box

Simon's Cat and the tiny mini box

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The Christmas presents are all unwrapped, but a few remnants are still lying around in the living room under the Christmas tree. Simon's Cat in the video is of course curious - typical cat - and looks for the right one. But what is it? A box! It is a bit small, but maybe the cheeky furry nose can squeeze in there?

With the hind paws, Simon's Cat fits into the tiny box - but only with the hind paws; or just with the front paws. "Damn it," the cat thinks, "it has to be possible". He tries every possible way to push his plush plush butt into the mini box - but it doesn't help, it is just too small. He gives up in frustration when the little kitten comes into the living room and notices the box. It immediately sits down and starts purring comfortably. Insulted, Simon's Cat then closes the lid and leaves the kitten stunned. How nasty!

Simon's Cat item for cats

The famous cartoon cat "Simon's Cat" has a large fan base - whoever belongs to it will probably ...


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