Why do cats wink

Why do cats wink

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Why do cats wink?

The simple answer is that cats can’t help it.

If they had an easy answer, they wouldn’t have to blink in the first place.

But I’m going to go through a few reasons why they might wink at you.

Why cats can wink, and how to tell the difference

Blink Rate

Cats blink three to five times a minute, or about once every 12 seconds.

A human blinking rate is somewhere between 15 and 30 times a minute.

It’s easy to tell when your cat is blinking because they have eyelid flaps that cover the bottom eyelid of their eyes, which is what allows them to close the eyelids.

When a cat wags its tail, that’s usually not because they’re wiggling it. The reason it’s wiggling is because the tail bone is connected to a muscle called the “rectus abdominis”.

The rectus abdominis runs from the ribs all the way to the pelvis. It’s responsible for drawing in your diaphragm (it’s where your lungs are held), and your abdominal muscles (the ones that form the top of your stomach).

When you inhale, your diaphragm goes down, the rectus abdominis contracts, and your stomach raises. When you exhale, the rectus abdominis relaxes, your diaphragm goes back down, and your stomach drops.

That movement causes the tail to wag. Cats are wagging their tails when they are feeling content, playful, or relaxed.

Why do cats wink?

Cats have eyelid flaps for a reason. They are also super sensitive.

Cats can feel your feelings and sense your moods and emotional states. They can also smell those emotions on you.

If you’re happy or feeling playful, your cat will enjoy being in your presence. They’ll jump up on you to have a cuddle, they’ll want to play with you.

On the other hand, if you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or angry, they will avoid you.

They’ll even give you the stink eye.

It’s not just their eyes. Their whiskers will twitch and they’ll feel you even more.

When you’re angry, frustrated, or stressed, your cat might feel that, too. They might give you a head butt, or a bite.

They might playfully nip you.

The reason cats wink at you is to reassure you, or tell you that they’re not angry, or that they’re not going to bite. It’s a playful and a friendly gesture.

It’s similar to how dogs wag their tails. It’s a gesture of goodwill. Cats wag their tails to let you know that they’re not being aggressive or playful. They’re friendly.

Winking is just a way that they show that they’re friendly. It’s just like how a dog will run up and lick your face when you smile at it.

Cats have two eyelid flaps. When they wink, only one of those flaps covers their eyes. They don’t cover their eyes completely. It just covers the lower half of their eyes.

You can tell the difference between a wink and a blink because the eye is still uncovered.

That’s one of the reasons why a cat blinking while looking at you can seem like they’re giving you the stink eye.

When a cat is looking at you with one eyelid flap, they’re not giving you the stink eye. They’re just blinking, but they’re looking at you.

They’re being friendly. They’re just wiggling their tail. They’re just looking at you. They’re just playing with you.

They’re just being friendly.

Blinking Rate

Another reason why cats blink is because of how sensitive their eyelid flaps are.

Cats’ eyes are in the front part of their head. That’s where most of their facial nerves are. They also have a lot of facial nerves in their eyelid flaps.

Because of that, when a cat’s eyelid flaps are open, they’re more sensitive than ours. That’s why a cat is able to blink so often.

Blinking is just another way that they can feel our emotions, or sense our moods.

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, angry, or frustrated, your cat will blink to let you know they’re not being aggressive.

The next time you see a cat wink at you, don’t take it personally.

Cats wink and blink to let you know that they’re friendly and aren’t going to be aggressive.

When a cat blinks, it’s because it’s happy. It’s a friendly gesture.

Cats blink three to five times a minute, or once every 12 seconds.

Most cats will blink more often if they’re being playful or if they’re being friendly. It’s a friendly gesture.

A cat’s eyelids only cover the bottom of their eyes. When they blink, that part of their eyelid will wiggle and they’ll open their eyes briefly.

If you’re not sure if a cat is friendly, try wagging your tail and see what they do. A friendly cat will wag their tail.

A cat wagging their tail is because they’re being friendly.

But if you try wagging your tail and they’re not doing anything back to you,


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